About Me

My name is Alex Burdo and I am a twenty-four year old birder from Connecticut. Birds have been at the forefront of my life since I was four. A cancer diagnosis at the age of twelve saw birding transform from interest to lifeline, with planned birding trips in between doses of chemotherapy providing me with something to look forward to and to fight for. Ten years later, I am still battling the same disease, and am the only person to have survived multiple recurrences of this illness. I credit birds for helping me push through such adversity, and intend to dedicate my life to giving back to them. My dream is to become an ornithologist, focussing my work on conserving the incredible creatures with which we share our planet.

I spent the last six years writing at Flight of the Scrub-Jay, but have decided that it’s time to start anew. My life is in a completely different place than it was back then and my interests within birding have also grown and evolved. I intend to continue to write about my birding adventures and observations (as I did at my former blog), but to also add in posts about ornithology and bird conservation. Thanks to the generous free blogging tools wordpress.com provides, FSJ will exist for as long as its host site does, and I will be referring to posts I made back there often. I look forward to sharing the wonder and joy of birds with you.


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